The Consortium for Research and Robotics works with members who have full access to the facilities and hardware including:  Robot Operation Facility, Technology Lounge, Analog Fabrication Lab, Small Business Incubation Area, Conference and Presentation Space


CRR is equipped with the following technologies: ABB IRB 6700 industrial robot with 36 foot track and 50 foot x 20 foot working envelope, ABB IRB 1600 industrial robot with MU200 external rotating table, large format 3d printer, laser cutter, HP Design Jet Z6100 42″ plotter, and welding equipment.

Below are more detailed descriptions of the equipment available to members of the Consortium.

What is Industrial Robotics?

An industrial robot is a multi-axis mechanical arm used in manufacturing environments to move materials, parts, and tools, performing a variety of programmed tasks. Traditionally, robots perform repetitive tasks that are “dull, dirty, and dangerous.”

Here, at the Consortium for Research & Robotics, we are challenging the conventional use of robotics, putting people to work by engaging designers, engineers, artists, in a new digital-to-physical paradigm between design, prototyping, and production.

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